Naomi Elementary School is located east of the city limits of LaFayette, Georgia, in the Naomi community. The community has a rich history with a church and school located at its heart. It enrolls approximately 400 students in PreK through 5th grade.
Various instructional tools (such as Moby Max, BrainPop, BrainPop Jr., More Starfall, RazKids, Head Sprout, and Sum Dog) for early and engaging learning are provided for our students.

In addition to these online resources, our teachers and students benefit from having a large amount of technology at their fingertips. Each classroom is supplied with a SmartBoard, document camera, and iPads to help integrate technology into the learning experience.

Naomi Elementary School’s curriculum includes language arts, health and physical education, art, reading, computer studies, and science and math. The school follows its curriculum according to state standard and district guidelines.

In addition to the regular curriculum, Naomi Elementary School provides STEM activity opportunities for students at each age level with a focus on plant life, which includes the planting process, care, harvesting, and manufacturing/production options. In our plant life STEM studies, students work with plant life ranging from lettuce, squash, tomatoes, snapdragons, aster, and blueberries in a soil garden tower, aquaponics towers, and an outdoor blueberry garden.

Aside from our curriculum, many programs and activities are also offered, including food and transport services, parent-teacher association, an after school care program, health services, field trips, and extracurricular activities, including dance team, storytelling team, LEGO Robotics, and chorus.